What Makes Muntin Professional Services Inc. Stand Out

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About Muntin Professional Services Inc.

I’m Ahsan Ali, and I’m the founder of this home inspection business in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. With a vast experience in construction, I have the professional skills and knowledge to examine and verify the quality of a building and it’s facilities. As an Internationally educated architect (not licensed in Canada), I also have a good understanding of sound structural designs and beautiful aesthetics.

As I have done my Masters in Building Science, I have successfully worked in the area of building envelopes or enclosures for the last five years. In addition to that, I have a solid background in architectural design, design management, construction management, contract administration, code analysis, building inspection, condition assessment, performance review, due diligence report, etc.

I currently have two working partners who assist me. They are certified in-home inspection, architectural design, and property condition assessment. Together, we’ve been in business for less than a year now. However, we all have vast experience in construction and property evaluation. This means that we have sufficient construction knowledge and are aware of what needs to be checked to determine the integrity of a house or remodeling work.

The Muntin Professional Services Inc. Difference

Besides our vast experience in the field of construction, we also have a broad range of expertise in our field. In fact, we can offer our clients many services beyond our regular contract for free. For example, suppose a person hires us for a home inspection and happens to be looking for some renovation advice. In that case, we can offer them sufficient guidance and even tips to customize the property to fit their needs. We even advise clients on how to make the most of their space by maintaining it the right way. This makes us a one-stop-shop for different services, especially when buying a house.

To enhance the experience of our clients, we also offer them prompt services within affordable prices so they can stay within their budget. Doing this has improved our customers’ satisfaction and has enabled us to obtain an outstanding reputation in the market, despite our recent venture.

Our goal for the future is to create a professional platform where people can find the complete solution with the best price and services. As we acquire new projects, we use them as an opportunity to help our clients and enhance the quality of our services. From time to time, we change up our service-delivery pattern and even add new service options (for free, of course) to see how our clients respond to them and take advantage of them. Accordingly, we decide whether to include them as a part of our services.

In addition to helping people find their dream homes, we even contribute to other causes that support the community. We donate to charities that work towards feeding the poor and delivering medical aid to those in need. By contributing in this manner, we aim to uplift people and inspire others fortunate enough to do the same.

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