Top Five Things To Look For In A Home Inspection And Architectural Company

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Home inspections are becoming necessary for everyone planning to buy or sell a house. A home may look perfect from the outside and inside, but until an inspector produces an inspection report, you should not judge from the look of an untrained eye. Such a job isn’t a layman’s job. Inspecting a property has so much involved that as a prospective homeowner, you cannot do it yourself and expect professional results.

They have the professional skills and knowledge necessary to examine and verify the quality of a building and it’s facilities. They have experience in construction and property evaluation. This means that with sufficient construction knowledge and knowledge of what needs to be checked, they are able to determine the integrity of a house or remodeling work. Therefore, anytime you need an inspection, waste no time in hiring a professional.

Looking for one that suits your needs can be a hard job, especially when you have so many options to choose from. In order to help you out in your decision-making process, here’s a list of top five things to look for in a home inspection and architectural company. 

1. License and certification
Each state or province has its own certification or licensing requirement. It is important that the professional company you hire has the necessary skills and evidence of such skills before signing anything. In a competitive market, it is easy to blend in with the rest of the people providing the same services. Certification gives a company a certain competitive edge and you the assurance you need. 

2. Experience
It is a good idea to hire a professional that carries out hundreds of inspections every year. A professional with several years of experience should be knowledgeable enough to know each system in your home. Hire a professional that has a relevant degree in the field of architecture or engineering. They are known to provide the best assessments because they have a good understanding of sound structural designs and beautiful aesthetics.

3. Liability insurance 
Like any form of insurance, liability insurance is designed to protect you from unforeseen or unintended circumstances that result in some loss or hardship. When hiring a professional to perform a home inspection, you are relying on their professional opinion before making one of the largest investment in your lifetime. If they make a mistake, or someone is injured due to oversight and a lawsuit is named the insurance is in place to take care of such a situation.  

4. Service warranty 
So you’ve found your dream home for sale, had it inspected and bought it. Everything is going great until the roof starts leaking or the AC stops cooling. Normally this could cause a potentially expensive headache, this is where service warranties come in. A professional home inspection company will warranty their services for a particular period. During this period, it provides you with protection against the repair, replacement or maintenance of your home. 

5. Relevant reports
The company you hire should provide you with reports which cover various aspects of home inspection. You should get a signed report which exactly describes the inspection that was carried and its current condition. Nowadays, several assessors provide a checklist of different items that need to be inspected. They also give a written description of the various items that need to be inspected. 

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